About us

No one will believe in your dream, because it is only your dream. Protect it, work on it, and you will achieve it!

Otabek Murodov-Cofounder and CEO 


Viva Freight Global is based out of Boardman OH. Company has 2 main branches in Europe and Asia. We are encouraged to combine all sources of transportation to provide the best service in the world.

About us

At Viva Freight Global, we belive that we, young team, can move a freight with no stress and delays and one day be a top transportation company. We belive that the age and financial condition is nothing if you have a will to do it. Our team has faced many unwelcoming situations where people said - "you are nothing without me", "you can do nothing at all". However, we are here and we have something to say. Our team has a common dream, and we will make it happen with our own effort and own knowledge. We will achieve our dream and be a top Logistics and Transportation service providers in the whole World!!!

Values, Mission and Vision of Viva Freight Global

Our Values - We value our customer's trust on our services and we assure efficiency, quality and reliability by providing punctual and flexible services around the globe.

Our Mission - Our mission is to provide cost effective and reliable transportation solutions to the world.

Our Vision - Our vision is to be a top class transportation company in the world.

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Richard Diamond

Jason Vest

James Neal

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Persistency, unity, trust and hard work make everything different. 

Abdurakhmon Erkinov-Cofounder and CFO