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Viva Freight Global provides transportation solutions all around the world. All kind of transportation - from rail, road to maritime and air freight. Our team is trained to provide best transportation solutions for your need. With us you can be sure that your product is delivered without any damage and delays. We are always on time, we are always reliable - Viva Freight Global.

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We cooperate with world's leading transportation companies to meet your needs

Viva Freight Global has a terminal in Norway, Latvia, Spain and New Jersey, where we can help you deliver your product in a safe condition and with huge capacity.


Truck Freight services were the most ideal transportation source for Viva Freight Global from its first steps in business. We provide trucking services in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Rail freight is provided by our partners in Asia, the USA and Europe.


With our air transportation service you can be sure that your goods will be delivered on time and without damage. We can take care of the delivery of your products to anywhere in Europe, Asia and the United States.


Constant and reliable OTR services

Easy and fast Air Freight services

Safe and huge capacity Maritime Freight services

Reliable in every sense of the word


Viva Freight Global works to make your product deliveries easy and fast. We always consider your business opportunities and get you the best rate and deliver your load within the best conditions. 

Viva Freight Global has huge partner portfolio. It helped us to ship products from Moscow to US. They provided several options to ship our products and ofcourse considering our conditions. I am glad that I chose Viva Freight Global and would recommend it to Packaging Companies.

I have used Viva Freight Global services twice. They helped me to transport my products from Germany to Asia. Then they helped me to ship my products to US. No stress and no damage. Really appreciate their business. 


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Green and sustainable Rail Freight services